3 Key Elements Of The Miracle Of Pregnancy

What is curious is how people – both men and women -try to avoid pregnancy most of their lifetime and yet many people struggle to bring forth a a course in miracles of life lovingly by having kids.

Now, you can increase the chances of being fertile by following 3 key elements related to food and nutrition, sexual intercourse and timing.

If you are a woman, this could be summarized in other words: PREPARE YOUR BODY. Yes, you have to prepare your body for your pregnancy.

Yes, some foods can make you more fertile than others. Vitamin A is wide known to be an essential element to boost fertility by promoting best cervical fluid.

Vitamin A, also helps your follicles to develop more healthier and stronger. The follicles each one hold an egg in your uterus. And it releases it every month, too. Without enough Vitamin A, the follicle does not deliver properly.

The best suggested foods to eat regarding pregnancy are, including but not limited to: carrots (raw and cooked, juiced), eggs,fish oils, sweet potatoes, yellow fruits (like mango and apricots) and vegetables, milk products (like low-fat yogurt), cantaloupe, spinach, whole milk products, sweet potatoes, leafy green vegetables, kale, and red pepper.

The recommended ‘dosage’ for the body is of 10,000 I.U. of beta carotene for both men and women. It is recommended to have a daily intake of 400 micro-grams (0.4 mg) of folic acid.

The woman on top may not be your best option. You may increase your chances of getting pregnant by having intercourse from behind with the female on her hands and knees. Having intercourse in this position it helps the sperm better access the cervix.

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