A Tanzanian Safari- the Perfect Getaway mafia city hack

A Tanzanian safari can be a perfect  getaway for families, couples and singles. Steeped in beauty and offering  breathtaking landscapes, and awe-inspiring animals read more attracts travellers  from around the world. 

The best time of year to plan your safari for easy travel is from May through October during the dry season. Travel during this time is also the best time to  see chimps in Western Tanzania. However, if your goal is seeing the multitude  of other beautiful animals of the land, safaris in March or Apil offer the best opportunities, including the great wildebeest migrations.   There are several must-see natural attractions in Tanzania like the Zanzibar archipelago, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mafia Island, the Mahale Mountains and more.  The Zanzibar archipelago is a series of Tanzanian islands off the Eastern coast  of Africa. These islands have beautiful beaches, modern resort facilities and  much natural beauty. Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain, and is the  world’s tallest ‘walk able’ mountain. Travellers climbing Kilimanjaro will  experience five climate zones ranging from the Savannah through the Glacial  Plateau. Mafia Island provides visitors with a variety of snorkelling  opportunities through channels, caverns and night dives, as well as beautiful  beaches, historic ruins, and modern lodgings and facilities. At the Mahale  Mountains, which served as research base for anthropologists for many years,  visitors can see the crystal waters of Lake Tanganyika and observe chimpanzees,  red colobus, and yellow baboons.   Tanzania has many parks, conservation areas and nature reserves that offer excellent opportunities to observe and photograph the plants and animals of Tanzania. The Ngorongoro Conservation is located in Northern Tanzania the area, which encompasses a large natural crater which acts as an enclosure to a  variety of animals. This gathering of animals offers a perfect opportunity for  photography, including one of the rarer members of the big five, the black rhino.  The Selous Reserve is Africa’s largest reserve, and a world heritage site. With  its swamps, rivers and wetlands this reserve is home to a grand variety of  sought after safari beasts.   Tarangire National Park is well-known for sightings of elephants, giraffes, and wildebeest. Ruaha National Park is the home of the Ruaha River, though it is remote this park boasts some of the finest game viewing. However, due to its remote location this park is only accessibly by light aircraft.   It  is home to countless species of birds  and bugs as well as many primates, and a variety of large cats. While on safari  in Tanzania visitors often photograph the beautiful animals of the land, but  the most sought after beasts are the big five animals. The big five are made up of the leopard, lion, black rhino, the African elephant and Cape buffalo. Though sometimes hard to find and quite dangerous the animals are considered the most appealing to hunt or photograph. Primates are another sought after type of animals from chimpanzees to baboons man’s little cousins a beautiful addition to your safari photographs.   A luxury safari with your family  will provide opportunities for bonding, relaxation, education and more.  Children will broaden their horizons and adults will feel invigorated and  refreshed after a visit to these shores. For singles it is the perfect opportunity to meet others with similar interests and passions. And for couples a safari can be the romantic getaway that they never forget.

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