Basement Remodeling: Essentials For Cleaning Up

What used to be a dark cave can become a new room thanks to basement remodeling contractors corpus christi texas. The fun part, obviously, would be the actual remodeling of your basement. The harder yet but important part is the actual clearing of everything that existed before the remodeling project. Here are some essential must-dos for basement remodeling preparation.

Sort out the stuff. Anything accumulated before remodeling needs to be segregated. Have three piles: one for items you could use during the remodeling, another for possessions you want to keep, and a final pile for things you want to donate or throw out. Keep the one for remodeling purposes nearby; store the second at another location; and discard of the third accordingly.

Clean the room. Remove cobwebs, wipe windows, sweep dust, mop floors, and scrub all the walls, windows, and floors. The room will get dirty again during the remodeling process but at least the old dust and grime won’t get into the mix.

Check for leaks and cracks. Before starting the remodeling of your basement, locate existing leaks and cracks. Any such seepage or fissure is evidence that the previous waterproofing measures done might be faulty or need repairs. These should be fixed before the remodeling of your basement begins.

If necessary, revamp your waterproofing system. More often than not, too much moisture could mean a waterproofing system is nonexistent or the existing one should be included in the remodeling.
Check the drainage, usually found on the exterior perimeter of the house, for leaks. Include this renovation in the initial stages of remodeling your basement.

Treat all mold and mildew. Moisture and the bacteria that come with it is a hazard to remodeling of basements. Apply industrial-grade mold remover to all stains. For good measure and to be completely rid of it before basement remodeling begins, scrub all adjacent walls and fixtures with the chemical even if you don’t see any telltale discolorations. If there are stubborn stains on any wall plaster, pipe, or window frame, get rid of them. Make sure to include their replacements during basement remodeling.

Clean out all the vents. As a final step before any remodeling, clean out the air vents to prevent fungi and bacteria from spreading. Replace any insulation that shows discoloration because mold can grow on heated surfaces during winter. Use a de-humidifier every now and then to prevent it from growing back. Use it during basement remodeling, too.

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