Business Communication – Then and Now

planetbesttech communication in earlier days was a lot different than what it’s today. The continuous growth in the technologies has made so many changes in the business communication that the gap between earlier and now can hardly be realized, let alone covered.

Earlier communication, by which I mean few decades back, was mainly in the form of letters and post cards. The business communication used to take place in days. It was Mr. Graham Bell and his invention of telephone that made life little easier during those days. Before telephone, if there was any business deal that had to be finalized then either both the parties had to be present in the same venue at the same time or the deal will take days to finalize. The reason was simple – delay in the communication between both the parties. Unlike today, neither there was no Video Conference facility available using which one can virtually eliminate any distances what so ever, nor facility of superfast modes of transportation which can cover thousands of miles in few hours.

Now days, most of the business work is done with the help of computers. Complex calculations that normally take many human hours are done in matter of seconds. Be it project plans, quarterly financial documents, risk management, inventory management, resource management and financial document management – all these and much more can be handled by professionals behind the computer screens quite efficiently and with ease.

Earlier days all the work was done by hard working employees sacrificing many sleepless nights…phew! The documents and mails that used to take days to go from one place to another now take mere seconds. The mode of information transfer has changed tremendously in the last few decades. One can hardly imagine living in those old days now.

I remember reading in the Dan Brown’s Novel “The lost Symbol” that earlier man used to think that one who can do great miracles can be deemed as a shadow of God himself. The book contains many mentions of great scientists and inventors who were said to have attained “Apotheosis”. Apotheosis is regarded as the time when human being is transformed into a God himself due to his deeds and capabilities. Frankly, in older times if someone had announced that he could make a person listen to someone speaking thousands of miles away, he would definitely had been treated as a miraculous person. If someone has told that he can make light of the sun glow even in night inside your room or can cook food without fire, surely he would have been given a great deal of respect and may be the podium of a God himself. But if you think all those so called “Great Feats” now, you will probably say “so what….big deal”. I mean, what’s miraculous in talking to someone on telephone. What’s big fuss in tubes and light bulbs and surely there is definitely nothing God-like in using microwave ovens. Even a child can operate these things now.

There are, however, some modes of communication that haven’t changed since the time business communication started. For instance, even today the legal communication to someone is given by the authoritative letter bound with a seal. The address is written with the return address embosser and sent to the person in concern. This particular use of the address embosser in business communication and many other modes are still being used the old ways.

With the continuous increase in technology, the future will be even more astonishing. We can expect great deals of advancements from our engineers and technicians in the field of communication in near future. This will definitely result in even more cutting edge technologies to evolve which will push the boundaries of human intellect and capabilities even further. Humanity will keep on progressing. It’s the constructive progress that one should look for.

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