Choosing a CPU When Building Your Own Computer

So you intend to build your very own computer! There are many parts needed to build a computer. One of the most essential computer components that you should carefully consider when building your own rig is the central processing unit (pcdesigner), or simply, the processor.

The processor acts as the brains of your computer. It executes your programs and applications. You will need it to run your favorite software games and your office application suite. If you are building a gaming computer, it is vital that you get a fast and modern CPU.

It is not a wise ides to scrimp on cash when it comes to the CPU because your computer’s abilities will greatly be hampered by a low-end processor. In the interest of building a computer that can run efficiently, try to get the most powerful processor that you can afford.

One of the things that you should weigh when choosing a CPU to purchase is its clock speed, which is expressed in gigahertz. Anything above 3.0GHz is good. A fast processor will allow you to run and load computer applications and programs faster.

When building your own computer, you should also consider the number of processing units that a CPU contains. Single-core CPU, which only contain one processing unit, are basically slower than multi-core CPUs. If you can afford them, get a multi-core CPU because these computer components are more energy efficient than the single-core processors.

There are currently two multi-core processors are available: the dual-core CPU which has two processing units and the quad-core CPU which has four processing units. To take advantage of a multi-core processors’ faster processing speed, however, you need to install software that have been specially designed to run on these types of processors.

Most programs right now are unfortunately not designed to run on multi-core CPUs. Accordingly, running these programs in a homebuilt computer with a multi-core CPU will yield the same result as running the programs using a single-core CPU. This will eventually change in the future as software technology catches up with this advanced hardware technology.

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