Concrete Pool Deck Repair Solutions

When your concrete pool Deck builders saint louis cracks or sinks, you may wonder how much it’s going to cost to repair it. You may worry how long your pool will be out of commission or if it might be damaged during the deck demolition. But when you use experienced professionals to do your concrete repair work, you won’t have such worries. Take a look at what you need to know before hiring a concrete lifting firm to handle repairs for your pool deck.

What Caused the Damage?

The most common reason pool decks crack is soil settlement after initial installation. When the pool site was first excavated and the pool was installed, backfill was placed around the edges. This is the surface upon which the concrete deck was installed, and this soil is normally not compacted enough to handle the weight of the building material and constant use.

Over a period of time ranging up to 10 years, soil settles as air pockets under the concrete are released. Depending on how extensive the settlement, the deck may gradually develop a slope, or it could drop seemingly overnight. If it lowers suddenly, the material could crack.

The concrete pool deck may also crack due to shrinkage. When the material is poured, some water evaporates during the curing time frame. If the mix contained too much water, the volume loss results in the concrete pulling apart during the drying period. Concrete can also crack when exposed to a number of freeze/thaw cycles throughout the winter. Melting ice is absorbed into the surface only to freeze again, causing the materials to expand and contract.

Pool Deck Damage Poses Safety Risks

Uneven, cracked decks surrounding pools are not only unsightly, they are also a major safety risk. Large cracks and lifted slabs create tripping hazards that may go unnoticed until an injury occurs. Pool decks are intended to include a slope that directs water away from the edges of the pool, decreasing slippery conditions. Tilted, uneven slabs can also work against this goal, increasing the chances of a harmful slip due to pooling water. It is not wise to ignore the problem – injuries near a pool are more serious, as they include a risk of drowning.

Pool Deck Lifting and Leveling Process

The lifting process is a useful, effective way to combat the effects of settling and cracking. A small hole is drilled into the sunken slab and a tool is inserted that pumps grout beneath the fixture. The substance props up the slab and restores it to its original level. The grout hardens and stabilizes the deck so no further sinking takes place. After the surface is even, cracks can be sealed and the repair solution can be stained to match the deck’s finish.

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