Detached Or Portable Garage Kits? Which Type Is Right For My Requirements

Choosing the right stained concrete okc kit for the do it yourself garage can be quiet challenging to say the least. However, the more info you know about the various types of garage kits available on the market today, you will be better equipped to select the right kit that will meet your needs, and all the while saving some serious cash!

What Are The Different Types Of Garage & Garage Packages Available.

There are basically three types of garages available – They are: metal, fabric, and vinyl. All three have their advantages and disadvantages.

Metal Garage Kits – Garage kits that are metal are the most costly of the three and often times require a contractor to construct after obtaining the approved building permits. They do have their advantages though! Metal garages typically last longer than other materials and come in a large variety of sizes and color choices. Kits made of galvanized steel and bolt together hardware can be bought from various manufacturers and most come with a 15 year warranty. Garages that are made of metal will provide protection for your auto’s and investments and typically compliment and add value to your residence. Most homeowners will pour a slab and construct it on the concrete.

Fabric garages – (aka: portable garage kits) These type of portable shelters are made of first quality rip stop fabric in a 9 ounce or 10 ounce covered top and come with a galvanized steel frame. These type of canvas garages are the least expensive and can last for several years. Boat and RV owners love these type of garages because they are ideal for storing a boat or camper during down season. These mobile shelters are ideal where portability is essential. The most common sizes range from a one car garage, two car garage, and much larger. The most common colors are green, grey, and tan. Most come with a two year manufacturers warranty.

Do it yourself garage kits that are fabric come with everything needed for assembly and detailed instructions are always included within your kit. Typical installation time is approximately two hours and requires minimal tools.

Vinyl Garage Kits – These kits are identical to metal garages yet are made of vinyl siding. There likewise more expensive than fabric garages and often times require a contractor and building permits. Many manufacturers are getting smart though. They have begun to use a process called vinyl coating were they spray steel with a vinyl coat to give it that durability with a vinyl look.

It all comes down to preference. If you feel the metal or vinyl garage would be worth your investment and you have the time to hire a contractor, than they are ideal. But if your like me and want a well-built garage that will be assembled right from box without the need of hiring a costly contractor and the headache of building permits and that’s affordable, a portable garage kit is the best choice.

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