Earn a Faith Based Education From a Lutheran College Online

One of the major principles of the American Founding Fathers was the belief in a separation of church and state. This belief stretches across all sectors of American life including public a course in miracles amazon books. However, the two do not have to be mutually exclusive. It is possible to find an education that is true to your faith and the tradition of your church by attending a Lutheran college.

There are roughly 44 Lutheran colleges and universities in the United States and Canada; and all of them offer students the chance to pursue a higher education that is founded upon the values and beliefs of the church. There are even chances for students to earn an education through an academic institution online, opening the chance for an education to even more individuals in more locations.

Lutheran colleges don’t offer a different education from that of their public university counterparts, but they do have a different emphasis. The goal of these online colleges is to provide students with an education that nurtures their faith in the Spirit of God. Students at online colleges are provided with an education in an environment that views them as separate individuals of faith, not just numbers on an attendance sheet.

Many academic institutions of this type are capable of providing small class sizes, often with student-to-teacher ratios that hover around 10-to-1. Earning an education from a Lutheran college online provides a student with even more personalized education, even if they are rarely on campus. The goal of an online education is no different; with a curriculum that is still founded in the beliefs and values of the Lutheran church, online degrees are simply offered through different mediums and with a far less focus on specific times.

If you think a Lutheran college education is too expensive, you should reconsider. Although tuition rates at some schools may be higher than other, larger public institutions; it does not mean that it is out of reach for most individuals. Many colleges offer students financial aid, with some schools reporting as many as 80% of their students receiving tuition assistance. Because these colleges focus on providing students with a solid education in a timely manner, students often finish their degrees faster than their public university counterparts.

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