Your company has assigned you the task of managing their pay per click advertising campaigns with special focus on BUY GOOGLE THRESHOLD ACCOUNT. You’re the guy or gal that works on identifying the products or services that need to be promoted each month. It may be a branding exercise or perhaps you are trying to generate leads for the sales team with a whitepaper signup campaign.

Either way, there are a number of people in your marketing team or management team that require access to information relating to the account. Accounts need detailed payment information to ensure the accounting is kept in order, and sales need to be involved in developing the promotion strategy for the month.

It could be that you act as gatekeeper to the information or alternatively you provide access to those that need it. I’d recommend providing access to those that require access.

AdWords has four levels of account access:

1. Administrative: This is the highest level of access. You can view, edit, and manage any part of an account and its campaigns (with the exception of sign-in information and language settings). Only those with Administrative Access may invite and disable access for other users, view pending invitations, and change another user’s level of access.

2. Standard: These users have nearly the same features as Administrative Access users.xcept that Standard Access users cannot invite others to share access, change user access levels, or disable access to the account.

3. Read-only: Read only users can view and run reports from the Report Center and browse the Campaigns and Opportunities tabs in read-only mode.

4. Email-only: Email-only access users have the lowest level of access to an account; they can only receive account alerts and other email notifications. Account alerts are a great way of being automatically notified of any change in campaign metrics. You can set up an alert for: cost per click (CPC), click through rate (CTR), sales conversion rate etc. There are two types: alerts about increases or decreases in metrics. And secondly, alerts about metrics that have reached a certain threshold. Of the two, thresholds are more practical and useful. Consider what a typical metric is for a typical month. From that you can determine what is not typical.

Don’t forget that only the original account creator can edit their sign-in information and language settings. No one else can change the settings, regardless of their access level.

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