How CASS Address Verification Software Works

The Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) is a standard that the United States Post Office (USPS) uses in order to certify that a particular computer application designed for address 먹튀검증업체 meets all of the requirements to be effectively used by businesses that rely on mail delivery. Verification software that has been CASS certified is so reliable that the USPS will in some cases even provide a mailing discount to businesses that perform the validation on outgoing mail. There are several features that make CASS address verification important for any business sending packages or letters through the mail.

All CASS address verification software must be able to correct addresses that have minor misspellings. Extra letters are easily recognized and removed. Common misspellings are identified and then corrected. This is useful for validation of information entered by customers into user forms that might be incorrect. Sometimes a correction that changes the name of a city, state or even country will prevent errors with separate shipping software that might have ignored issues with a specific destination because of the misspelling.

CASS address verification software must be able to add in information that is missing. This is done logically by looking at the most pertinent information that has been submitted. The program will be able to add in a USPS zip code, including the additional four digits that improve routing. Similarly, missing information, such as a city name, state abbreviation or other designation, will be added based on any valid entry that matches what data is already available. Sometimes important information such as whether a house is on a street, road or avenue is added in order to distinguish two easily confused locations with each other.

One of the most useful features of CASS certified address verification software is the ability of the program to update addresses that have been formally renumbered, renamed or otherwise changed. This occurs when certain cities or towns are redistricted, new roads are built or physical addresses are rearranged. The software is able to use the information from the USPS database in order to correct the data so that packages are delivered to the correct location.

The final feature of CASS certified address verification software is validation of deliverable addresses. This includes identifying whether the location is residential or commercial, as well as whether postal workers will be able to reach the destination. Any special delivery instructions are also added so that packages and letters are able to be carried to the destination without any delays or confusion that might have occurred without validation.

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