How to Cover Up a Tattoo for the Workplace

If you have tattoos and a job, you may be presented with the issue of having to cover them up while you are at your place of employment. For those of us with tattoos, the last thing we want to have to do is cover them up. After all, that was not the point when we got them. Unfortunately, many of us have employment that requires us to learn how to cover up a lip tattooing perth. So what is there to do? The following information may be helpful in learning how to cover up a tattoo for the workplace or how to hide tattoos before a wedding.

If you have a tattoo in an area that is normally covered by clothing, then you needn’t worry. Simply wear clothing that is sure to cover the area completely with no chances of the tattoo being visible. If your tattoo is small enough, you can possibly cover it up with a band-aid. However, many people have more than one tattoo, or the one that they do have is not small enough to be covered by a band-aid. This could be a solution; just remember, wearing a band-aid in one location for too long can cause irritation.

Your next option would be an Ace bandage. You can also use a sock with the toe cut out. If you are ingenious enough, you will find that there are many creative ways to cover up a tattoo if you value your employment. Keep in mind, however, that with either of these options, you may end up looking like you are injured and get many people asking you if you are okay. If you don’t want that sort of attention, maybe it is better to try something else. Also, if you do use these options, bear in mind that you will have to wash them from time to time and these do not hold up well with multiple washings.

Another tried and true method for covering up a tattoo is makeup. There are several different types of makeup on the market that are actually meant for this exact use and are actually quite effective. At the same time, however, it can take a few minutes to apply it to get god coverage. Some products contain a setting powder and barrier spray to help stay on when you are playing sports or at the pool. Make sure to find a company that offers a satisfaction guarantee so you aren’t stuck if the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

If none of these options sound plausible to you, you can always just opt for wearing long sleeves. This may not be such a “hot” idea on a warm summer day, but it will fit its purpose. It will cut down on your working wardrobe, however.

So, what options are really left? If you are covering your tattoo because you actually don’t care for it anymore, then you can always consider tattoo removal. This option can be painful, expensive, and in the end, not that effective. Whatever you decide, it has to be something that works for you.

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