How To Make Perfect Ventilation In A Wooden Garage

Your garage will always be in need of ventilation regardless of the time of year, and as such, you need to ventilate it. The garage floor epoxy reno will experience an increase in temperatures during the summers as well as a reduction during the cold months. Though wood is an excellent insulator, there are times when the temperatures can become unbearable, thus making it hard for you to work in your garage under those conditions.

A garage devoid of adequate ventilation will also encourage the increase of mildew as well as the build-up of chemical fumes which will affect your overall well-being and can make you sick. It is always good to work in ventilated environments which will enable you to be comfortable throughout the process and will also prevent occurrences of incidences such as heatstroke.

What problems can arise as a result of lack of ventilation?

Many serious problems could accrue from a non-ventilated garage, and they affect not only your health but also the lifespan of your investment.


During scorching summers, your garage can get so hot that working in it can become unbearable. You are looking at temperatures warm enough to cook an egg. Neither you nor any of your family and friends will want to be inside during the day, and this will limit the amount of time which you can spend in it.

People use these structures for fixing cars and many parents tend to bond with their children while fixing up cars in the summer. This bonding time will not be possible in such conditions. Your kids will be unable to practice their painting and music from the comfort of the garage, and it will be defunct in hot days, which is a waste of such an investment.

Cold seasons

The cold seasons can also make it hard for you and your family to enjoy the benefits of your garage by making the interior very cold. Once again, you would have to avoid it, therefore limiting its use to some months in the year when it is neither too hot nor too cold.

Another problem that comes with the cold seasons is that some supplies in the garage are susceptible to changes in the temperature and they can get ruined in the process.

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