Miracles Happen When You Believe in Miracles

When a Laws of acim coach tells you to change your desire statement to something you can more easily believe, he’s not teaching you how to create something new, but how to do more of what you already know how to do. We can help you as long as you are not an atheist.

All Law of Attraction coaches will tell you that you should put your statement of creation into the present time. And then, most of those same Law of Attraction coaches will tell you that if it is hard for you to believe the statement “I am thin” or “I am wealthy” then you have to find a way to approach that in a way that you believe.

They will ask you to change your statement so “I am in the process of becoming thin” or “I am doing what I need to do to become wealthy”. Either statement is not really what you desire, but doing more of what you are already doing. Will it work? Yes, but it is not a miracle. It conforms to the beliefs of your Ego.

This is the crux of the Law of Attraction, because you probably already believe in miracles, done by Jesus. Perhaps you even believe in occasional medical miracles. But, do you believe that you are capable of miracles?

Probably not. This is one of those things that is easier to believe after you have already accomplished it. This is the leap in faith that you must make to become a conscious manifestor.

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus author John Grey, explains that he went to India because it’s easier to teach people how to perform miracles when they are able to see them first. This opens up the possibility in the mind, and then it’s easy. He explains that as we get closer to the 2012 Shift, people are learning spiritual practices much faster than they used to.

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