It used to be that you had to go to college or a music production school to find a decent music production course. Now nearly every Solfeo school offers one. This should be no surprise due to the amount of time and money that people are now spending on entertainment.

So, the question is: Where can I find a great music production school?

And, who is going to provide me with the music skills, knowledge and experience that will really make a difference, without charging an enormous fee?

Music production schools are offering basic music production programs and even Community Colleges have jumped on the bandwagon. Does this mean that they are all good? NO!

Firstly, I doubt that you can get even minimal training at a music production school without paying at least hundreds of dollars in fees. And is that a risk worth taking? For some, maybe, but for most of us, probably not!

If you’re like most people looking for an advantage with music production learning, you are not going to be able to afford a major fee at a music production school.

Maybe you are one of the smart ones and have looked to the internet for a better solution. Online music production lessons and courses are now becoming popular as they are much cheaper and more convenient; while at the same time still provide a solid foundation for learning the latest music production techniques.

An excellent example of an online music production course is

Check out this site and see the kind of music production skills you can start learning in the next hour.

Music Producer Pro offers courses that consist of a series of online music production lessons delivered via downloadable videos in an easy step-by-step style. You gain access to dozens of lessons for a single once off joining fee and are guided through a series of activities designed to enhance your learning experience.

And… it offers you unlimited access 7 days a week.

With every production video you learn something new and different that’s designed to open your mind to interesting and cool music techniques. It is one of the most happening interactive online music production schools in the world.

The flexibility of an online course allows you to focus on the skills you want to master, rather than being tied to a rigid, out-of-date curriculum. And the teaching at is very professional. If you are a beginner, they will help you formalise your knowledge and get the terms explained. If you are advanced, Jay’s techniques will get you producing music at a much higher level.

But let’s keep this very simple…. If you want to produce music, Music Producer Pro will show you how.

They offer a full range of video lessons to suit everyone from the beginner to those looking to refine and broaden their skills, whether you want to play for your own enjoyment or to make a career as a DJ or producer. With Music Producer Pro you will experience a broad range of practical based lessons prepared by experienced and highly skilled masters of beats.

Whether it’s studio recording, concert sound, movie sound, radio or television broadcasting, or working with a record label or artist management, it’s all about music! If you want to work as a music producer, or any other audio career, you will need a cost effective education.

If you have ever asked or tried to learn how to produce music from the traditional music production schools then you will know that it is not cheap. A lot of people interested in music production don’t think about the cost of six months of college lessons. But it adds up to hundreds of dollars. I know a lot of people have joined this site because it offers access to a whole lot of learning material online for a small once-off fee.

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