New Revelation – The Golden Age of the Christ Consciousness

The word “the christ” has been used for many centuries by Christian religions to refer to the historical Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus did in actuality attain full Christ consciousness while on Earth and subsequently ascended to the spiritual heavens, becoming an Ascended Master in the process.

Yet as Jesus stated in the Bible, “what I can do, you can do also”. And as elsewhere stated in the Bible: “Let this mind be in you [the Christ mind] that was also in Christ Jesus”. So we can see from these two statements that Jesus came to set an example that the state of Christ consciousness was not only achievable and attainable for Jesus of Nazareth, but for all souls embodying on Earth.

The essence of the information I will impart to you now has been channeled by Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood of Light, including the Ascended Masters Jesus, Mother Mary, and Maitreya.

There are two types of consciousness that presently exist on Earth. One is the Christ consciousness and the other is the anti-christ consciousness. The Christ consciousness is a state of mind of knowing you are one with all others – and that each soul is part of the One Body of God. From this Christ mind state, you see no separation between yourself and any other part of God – any other soul. You recognize the Divine God Light in each soul – regardless of their own limited state of mind and way of behaving – and you show love and compassion and tolerance to each and every part of God. Many people on Earth have attained some degree of Christhood and treat others with respect and kindness and compassion and tolerance.

The anti-christ consciousness is a state of mind of “believing” you are separate from all others and / or God; it is a belief that we are not parts of the One Body of God, and acting in a separatist way, that includes being arrogant to others, prejudiced to others, violence and disrespectful to others, feeling superior and elitist towards others, and judging and condemning others in thought, word, and action. The anti-christ consciousness is rife on planet Earth and is strongly present to some degree in most people on Earth.

To help you understand the relationship between the Christ mind and the mind of anti-christ, visualize an empty glass in front of you. The glass being empty represents full Christ consciousness. If you add water into the glass – which occurs each time you act from the mind of anti-christ – then your state of Christ consciousness becomes less, and your state of anti-christ consciousness becomes more. If you stop acting from the mind of anti-christ, and begin acting “only” from the Christ mind, gradually the water will evaporate from the glass and you will gradually achieve full Christ consciousness. Yet in order to stop acting from the mind of anti-christ, you must first uncover and release all “hidden” anti-Christ feelings and thoughts within your subconscious mind to achieve this full Christ mind state, which requires a great deal of inner work. It is not enough just to “act” Christ-like on the surface, you must remove the beam in your own eye – the beam being all impure thoughts and feelings of anger, hate, jealousy, prejudice, violence, superiority, inferiority, intolerance and condemnation.

This is no mean feat, when you consider the anti-christ consciousness has infiltrated society at all levels, including religions – where separatism and elitism are commonplace, in schools – where you are rated as better than or less than your peers, and in the media – where competition, pride, and intolerance are encouraged. For this reason, you see souls with a wide variance of either Christ or anti-christ consciousness within their make-up. Consider it is like a spiral staircase. At the top of the spiral staircase is full Christ awareness, and at the bottom is full anti-christ living. Which step of the spiral staircase are you on?

Earth is currently going through an ascension process and it is linked to the number of souls on Earth achieving Christ awareness. For the Earth to ascend, 144,000 souls on Earth need to have achieved a very high degree of personal Christhood. This is happening and the Earth ascension process will begin from the year 2013 and will mark the beginning of the New Age of the Golden Age of Christ Consciousness. Souls who choose to “remain” in the mind of anti-christ and not embrace the Christ mind will choose to leave the Earth through natural disasters, chronic illnesses, and suicide. This process has been happening since 1982, as a result of a concentrated mass of Christ energy sent into the Earth’s atmosphere by the Ascended Masters – called the Photon Belt Christ Energy.

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