Overcome Stage Fright – No Drugs Necessary

A lot of people rely on drugs to help them overcome their Phoenix karaoke fright. In most cases, these are beta-blockers, but you’ve surely heard of the occasional rockstar who self-medicates with liberal doses of alcohol (or stronger drugs).

Now, there is real value in using drugs to manage anxiety – there are severe cases where drugs are an absolute necessity.

But, for the vast majority of the population, drugs are not only unnecessary to overcome stage fright, they can be downright dangerous.

Let’s examine a few reasons you wouldn’t want to rely on drugs to help you deal with stage fright.

1. What If You Get Caught Without Them?

Of course, when you are about to perform on stage, you are well-prepared. You have gone through your presentation fifty times and triple-checked that you have everything in your briefcase.

Yet, it’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and forget something small, and what do you do if that something small is your stage fright medication?

Then you’re up on stage, in front of five hundred eager listeners, and can’t do much more than stand in panic, eyes wide open, stuttering through your material.

You need a reliable way to overcome stage fright, one that doesn’t depend on drugs. That also brings me to my next point.

2. They Are Unpredictable

Some might shrug off my previous point, but the thing with drugs is that you often develop a tolerance.

And, they have the nasty habit of refusing to work when you need them the most. Of course, you could solve that by upping the dosage, but then you’re gambling with your health. Thing is: Although people use beta blockers to deal with stage fright, they are heart medication and not designed to treat anxiety.

Side effects can include fatigue, cold hands, upset stomach, and other unpleasantries. Not to mention, they can put a strain on your wallet.

3. They Are Expensive

Beta blockers cost anywhere from $10 to $200 a month – because they’re used as heart medication, they can become quite pricey.

And even though you might not use that many at once, you have to factor in shelf life. Even then, the fact that there’s a drug-free alternative should make you wary of dropping money on them.

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