Reasons To Choose Cross-Platform App Development Over Native App Development

As per the current market scenario, most magento development services using online options especially mobile applications for almost everything today. Businesses are heavily driven by mobile user perspectives now. And according to a current Stats report, nearly 65 per cent of mobile users use mobile apps for whatever they need. Also, people spend more than 60 per cent of their total mobile usage time on using different mobile applications. The Stats reports have already made it evident that mobile applications have become an inseparable and undeniable part of people’s life now and act as the fuel for rapid business growth. This has already made millions of applications for more than one platform. And the rest are striving to get their applications built as soon as possible by a reliable and experienced app development company.

However, when it comes to application development, most business owners get stuck between options like native application development or cross-platform app development. But as per the research and studies, it has been seen that most of the businesses have opted for cross-platform application development till now. And there are many reasons for this. Businesses now want to reach out to the maximum number of mobile users irrespective of what OS or what mobile device the user is using. The Google Play Store is flooded with over 3 million applications and the Apple App Store has got more than 2.5 million apps. With this huge count, most of the businesses prefer having a presence for both Android and iOS.

Though both native application development and cross-platform application development approach can help you get an app built for multiple platforms, a smarter and wiser choice can be the second one that is the cross-platform app development approach. And here are the key reasons why.

But before diving into the reasons, let’s see the major difference between cross-platform and native apps.

The difference in terms of development basics: – One of the major challenges that developers often face with native application development is having to write and execute separate codebases for different targeted platforms. When building a native application, developers need to write the codes for each of the native platforms right from scratch and use the native tools and IDEs. Whereas, with the cross-platform application development approach, developers can just write a single codebase and execute the same for building the application for all the platforms you wish to target.

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