Some Myths Regarding Carpet Care and Cleaning Busted

When it comes to The Best Cleaning Service in Santa Rosa your carpets, you must never rely on any faulty information. Using an incorrect process or a tool can lead to permanent damage to your carpet and you would definitely want to avoid that. There are so many myths surrounding the care and cleaning of carpets that it becomes quite confusing to know what is actually good for the carpet and what isn’t.

Fortunately, taking care of your carpets and prolonging their life span can prove to be relatively simple, provided you are aware of the myths and the facts.

This article takes a look at some of the most common myths surrounding carpet care and cleaning and it will most definitely help you in maintaining the life of your carpet.
Some major myths surrounding the cleaning of carpets

• If you get your carpet cleaned, you need not vacuum clean it regularly

These two methods are quite different from each other. While vacuum cleaning is a quick action process and is effective in the removal of grit, dust and debris, carpet cleaning is a lengthy and deep action process.

In order to keep your carpets looking healthy, you must ensure a regular vacuum cleaning schedule. Deep cleanings should also be conducted periodically, but you must make sure to vacuum clean your carpets regularly in between two carpet cleaning sessions.

• Cleaning your carpet will ruin the original look so it must not be done unless absolutely necessary

Most modern day carpet shampoos and chemicals used in solvents for cleaning are completely safe to be used on carpets. These chemicals are specially formulated and designed to be used such that they provide a thorough cleaning action while remaining gentle on the carpet fibers.

The truth is that cleaning your carpet frequently will keep it looking new. If you plan on cleaning your carpet personally, make sure to take care of the chemicals and the solvents that you use in your detergent. A good idea is also to test the cleaning process in an inconspicuous location of the carpet.

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