The 5 Best Picks for Rechargeable Batteries

Anyone who uses a lot of electronic gadgets and devices know how important batteries are to keeping them running. You can keep using them as long as you need as long as there’s a spare set of batteries handy. But if your concerns are for more than just extended gaming time, and include being environmentally friendly, you should consider itunes gift card batteries.

These have a significantly longer lifespan than alkaline batteries which have to be disposed of after one use. They’re also good value for money, and will save you money if properly used in the long term. To get the best results you need the best available models. This is our list of the five best products available today for consumers looking to invest in rechargeable batteries.

Hybrio. As the name implies, this is a ‘hybrid’ NiMH battery, made by Uniross. It clocks in at 2100 mAH (milli Ampere hours) and will provide power for a good amount of time before needing to be recharged. The Hybrio cells are pre-charged and ready for immediate use; they can be recharged up to 500 times and retain up to 70& of their charge potential after a year’s use.

Eneloop. A rechargeable NiMH battery, manufactured by Sanyo. Like the Hybrio, it comes pre-charged and ready to use out of the packet. Its power rating is a tad lower at 2000 mAH, but its recharging potential, at up to 1,000 recharges, is approximately double that of the Hybrio. Furthermore the Eneloop retains as much as 90% of its charge after a year’s use. The major disadvantage of the Eneloop is its charging time, a relatively lengthy four hours, which necessitates spare sets of rechargeable batteries to ensure you don’t run out at any point.

Delkin. The Delkin battery has a formidable power rating of 2900 mAH, and matches the Eneloop with a potential 1,000 recharges before degeneration. It also discharges over a relatively long period of time. A NiMH brand made by Ansmann, Delkin batteries can be relied on to last for long stretches even with power-guzzling devices, due to their enhanced power capacity, almost half as much again as the leading competition.

Sony Olvine-Type ‘A’ rechargeable battery which is reputed to be amongst the best NiMH brands available. Its power rating is a middling 2000 mAH, although with up to 2,000 recharges its shelf-life outstrips the competition easily. It is also amongst the best at power retention over the long-haul, at 90% retention after a year. Its short recharging time of 30 minutes is a further advantage in its favour.

Duracell. Duracell rechargeable batteries are among the best-known in the alkaline market, but also have an extensive range of options if you’re looking for rechargeable batteries. Its power rating is an impressive 2,650 mAH, although it will only last for a relatively small 500 recharges. It matches the Sony’s 30 minute charge time, but not its charge retention, although that is a still impressive 80% after a year’s worth of use.

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