The Benefits of Agriculture

Agriculture involves growing of crops such as fruits and vegetables and rearing of livestock to produce food for public consumption. Without land farms our existence as humans and livestock would be threatened. Whether one is practicing agriculture in a small farm or in a large farm, agriculture provides many benefits to the society.

Another benefit of agriculture is the fact it provides food both at local and international levels. Without crops and livestock produced through agriculture, the world’s food supply would be extremely unreliable and limited. Most people would have to live nomadic lives as they continually search for food. Through the supply of fruits, vegetables and livestock products, processing and manufacturing companies are able to make foods which are preserved and consumed even when the agricultural production is low. As a result, this ensures there is sufficient supply of food.

Just like any other type of plants, crops release Oxygen during the photosynthesis process. The oxygen released is then used for humans and animals to use for breathing purposes. During the photosynthesis process, plants absorb Carbon Dioxide in the air while releasing Oxygen. High volumes of carbon dioxide in the air lead to global warming effects. Agricultural crops and other plants thus reverse this process by reducing the carbon dioxide in the air.

Growing of crops such as pastures for livestock feed and cover crops such as sweet potato vines for both human and livestock consumption plays a great deal in reducing flooding and erosion. Through farming such as growing of tress decreases the occurrence of floods during the periods of high rains or storms. Other crops such as grass and hay absorb a lot of water before run off can occur. This results in less pollution of our water bodies with soil sediments and chemicals used in agricultural production.

Agriculture provides people with fruits, vegetables; meat and dairy products which are full of important nutrients required by the body as well as antioxidants which increase the resistance of bodies have towards some diseases which would be caused by lack of these nutrients. Animals which have been raised under natural conditions such as pastures and free range provide.

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