The Violent Sport – Football, Ice Hockey Or MMA?

So what’s with all the rhetoric and discussion on MMA being a violent sport? Have any of these detractors ever watched a ทางเข้าแทงบอล ufabet game? Ice Hockey? Rugby? Talk about violent sports! And these are all approved and sanctioned!

Senator McCain and a lot of politicians are on the anti-MMA bandwagon. Although sources close to Senator McCain have told me personally that he’s “coming around”. And is willing to take a closer look at the ทางเข้าแทงบอล ufabet. Well thank goodness for that, because what MMA was in 1995 is not what it is today.

A report by the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, (JOSS&M) state: “The incidence of injury in combat sports has not been adequately report. Although it is important to identify the nature and frequency of injuries prior to the implementation of prevention programs.”

In their study, they compared: “injury rates treated in Hospital Emergency Departments between different combat sports of boxing, wrestling, and martial arts. A secondary objective described anatomic region and diagnosis of these injuries.

Data were obtain on all boxing, wrestling, and martial arts-related injuries that were in the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System database and resulted in Emergency Department visits between 2002 and 2005.”

Their findings? “Martial arts had lower injury rates compared to boxing and wrestling for all diagnoses (p

Their recommendation? Stop fighting? Ban MMA? Nope. In fact the report suggested that “Injury prevention efforts should consider the distribution of injuries and concentrate on preventing strains/sprains in wrestling, concussions in boxing and wrestling, and fractures for all three activities.”

So basically, like with any other sport, one should take proper care and use preventative measures when training or competing. Okay – good to know.

Additionally, I think if an athlete is entering the ring to fight in a Mix Martial Arts event, could we not assume that he pretty much knows what to expect. And that s/he is physically fit and ready for the rigors of his sport?

The JOSS&M report went further: “The findings of the present study do not provide evidence that combat sports have alarmingly high rates of injuries resulting in emergency department visits.”

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