Things New Kitten Owners Should Know

Getting a exotic shorthair kittens for sale is an exciting time, whether a first time addition to the household or another member to an existing animal home. It is important to remember that when the kitten arrives, you have to be totally responsible for getting it settled into its new home and adjusted to its new family and this can take work from everyone in the house. Done right and you will end up with a loving and affectionate family member who is well adjusted and happy.

Kitten basics

Kittens can be removed from their mothers at around six weeks but for development and social skills, it is better to wait until the 10-12 week mark. Smaller kittens are more prone to being stress, running and hiding all the time and being fearful of people. Older kittens will have learned to be handled by people and be more curious about their world so will adjust better. Pick a kitten that is curious when you hold out your hand to it and wants to play, particularly if you have kids.

For food, kittens need plenty and they need special kitten food to get them the boost in their young lives to develop muscle and tissue. Plenty of calories is important and therefore feeding them kitten food fulfils this need, usually until they are around one year old. They may also need somewhere to snuggle up and feel safe, as they once did with their mother so a cardboard box with a blanket in or a proper cat bed located in a quiet part of the house is ideal.

Litter training can be easy as you are adapting the kitten’s natural instinct to cover its waste but does need a little patience. Locate the litter box somewhere easy to reach but away from the main traffic areas of the house. When the kitten wakes from a nap or has eaten, take them to the litter box to prompt them. Praise them for using the box but never punish them for an accident.

Settling in

It is instinctive to want to cuddle the kitten and carry it around with you but it is important to handle only sometimes when they first arrive. Let them get to know their environment at their own speed and let them come to you for petting. If you have under-fives in the house, kittens aren’t always the best idea because they can be inadvertently rough with them – some shelters won’t let families with young kids adopt a kitten. You need to teach the kids how to hold the kitten with one hand under the hindquarters and another just behind the front legs for support – never pick up the kitten by the scruff of the neck.

Kitten proofing the house to a degree is a good idea. Anything that swings or hangs will be irresistible to them so if this isn’t safe for them to play with, move it out of reach. Use cord fasteners on electrical and phone wires to avoid chewing and be aware of the potential for kittens to chew and swallow small items such as jewellery, rubber bands and balloons – think a little as if you would when the kids were first toddling around. Keep the toilet seat closed and cabinet doors shut while in the laundry spot, doors should be closed to avoid the kitten sneaking in somewhere warm and very dangerous.

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