WoW Mining – What You Need to Get Started

There are several things you will need to get before you can mine btc in World of Warcraft. Some of these things are for convenience and some of these things are necessary.

First off, before you can even consider mining, you obviously need to have an active World of Warcraft Account where you’ve created some type of character, whether Horde or Alliance. The next thing you will do is ensure that you have the proper amount of money to train the mining skill. The cost of Apprentice Mining is 10 copper, this will get you to skill 75.

After you have an account, a character, and 10 copper; you will need to locate a mining trainer. A mining trainer can be found in every major city, and in most smaller towns near the starting areas of each character. You can also ask any guard for a mining trainer when you are in a city. Once you have done this just walk up to them and right click them and then proceed to learn mining.

Now that you have the ability to mine there are several things you are going to want to get to start. First, you need a mining pick in order to mine the nodes. You can get a mining pick from a trades goods vendor and other vendors usually around the mining trainer. If you have extra gold I recommend you get a Gnomish Army Knife off the Auction House, it has many uses in professions.

Now you have the ability to mine and the proper tool you need to know that you have an option in your minimap to track minerals. You can left click the little tracking circle on your minimap and select this. Also expand the minimap out as far as it goes so you can see more minerals. This minimap will show nodes as you get within a certain proximity. Simply find one of those nodes, walk up to it, right click it, and you’re on your way to mining.

Things that can help you get to more mines faster are run speed enhancements/buffs, ground mounts, and flying mounts; the faster the better.

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