Flexible and Convenient – The Seal Flex Portable Computer Keyboard

Small is beautiful and, at times, kind of a hassle too. Case in point: net book computers. If you have ever tried typing emails via your net book, then you already have experienced the downside of using minuscule 60 percent keyboard. But if you still persist on using that microscopic dactyl-torturing device, either you enjoy uncomfortable computing or you just have never heard of a portable computer keyboard. We are talking about the Seal Flex portable computer keyboard.

As the advancement of technology makes important devices, such as computers, smaller and lighter, we also tend to experience some minor inconveniences. Smaller computers mean smaller keyboards. And this also means less maneuverability and more stress for our typing fingers. Since the keyboards of our mobile devices are not ergonomically designed, it tends to cause stress to our hands and fingers during long periods of typing. A portable computer keyboard is the solution to your typing problem.

A portable keyboard is a peripheral keyboard that can be used with any mobile computing device. Unlike those of your net book or lap top computer, a flexible keyboard provides more comfort to users. Its dimension is almost the same as a regular size keyboard that comes with the desktops of old. But here is the catch. Some portable keyboards are so portable that you can actually tuck it inside a small bag.

Aside from the benefits that it provides, such as comfortable distance between keys and total comfort, the Seal Flex flexible keyboard can be rolled up. This makes it more compact than an average peripheral keyboard. A regular portable computer keyboard defeats the purpose of carrying a smaller net book computer. It adds extra baggage especially for itinerant notebook or laptop users who need to travel light at all times.

With its flexible silicon construction, a Seal Flex portable keyboard is perfect for storage if you are a mobile computer user. Because it is highly flexible, you can easily roll it up and store it inside a small bag. This computer keyboard is also very durable and waterproof so you will not worry about wet electronic components. In fact, this flexible keyboard is machine washable. And speaking of wet or humid environments, this excellent portable computer keyboard’s Gold USB connector is corrosion-proof. This improves the performance of your keyboard.

Not only that, the Seal Flex portable keyboard is flexible and very quiet. Its soft-touch silicon keys provide user a noise-free operation that does away with the distracting clicks of regular computer keyboards. With this feature, you and your officemates can enjoy a more noise pollution-free working environment.

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