Optometrist: Your Best Primary Care Provider

Diabetes Diabetes management (DM) is a chronic, systemic disease that is characterized by a deficiency or a decreased ability of the body to utilize insulin thereby resulting to an increased levels of sugar in the blood. It is a highly associated with heredity although it can also be acquired. Obesity and unhealthy lifestyles can also trigger this disease.

There are two types of DM: Insulin Dependent (type 1) and Non-insulin Dependent (type 2). Both types cause complications that can be debilitating such as diabetic eye diseases like retinopathy (the most common), cataract and glaucoma. Retinopathy results when blood vessels of the retina are damaged. Cataract causes eye lens to appear clouded and occurs at an early age for persons with DM. Glaucoma causes optic nerve damage and vision loss due to increased fluid pressure inside the eyes and increases its occurrence with DM.

The Austin’s optometrist can best help you when it comes to preservation of your vision. They are the first in line to get involved in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment related to vision problems. When it comes to complete eye care, they are most helpful starting from prevention and detection of diseases. Being the best primary care provider, they offer adequate education to patients regarding the disease and how it affects people who suffer from it. With emphasis on prevention, it gives patients a head start on what to do and what not to do. When diagnosing, they make sure that comprehensive examinations are available at their client’s own disposal (like visual acuity test, dilated eye exam, and tonometry, etc). And after which, proper treatment, management and referrals are made.

Optometrists are concerned with vision preservation. That’s why they are the sole eye-care provider when it comes to early detection of related diseases because they take their job seriously.

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