Selling Your House Yourself – 4 Essential Tips to Get a Real Flurry of Interested Potential Buyers!

People say it is one of the most stressful times in your life – moving We buy houses for cash! I guess if you are looking to sell your house yourself without the aid of a realtor, it’s going to be ten times as bad! However, if you are well organised and know what to look for, selling your house yourself could be a breeze.

1) The key to selling your own home is advertising. There’s no point in having the most beautiful and desirable property on the market if no-one knows anything about it! Two of my favourite places, not only for advertising, but also research is and

Craigslist is an online classified ad site. People advertise all sorts of things on here and when you consider that they have over a million visitors on a daily basis, it seems like a good idea. Zillow is more geared towards property sales. Have a look through these 2 sites and formulate your plan for a killer ad!

2) There are numerous firms who will provide you with a giant for sale sign and a sellers pack. People are more aware that during the current economic climate, spending 7% of your sales profit on an agent’s fees seems a little silly. With so much help and information readily available nowadays, the house selling process doesn’t have to be as stressful as it once was!

3) As everything seems to be geared towards the internet nowadays so should you when selling your house yourself. Did you know that you could make a free website with just a few clicks of a mouse? You can easily upload home videos and photos and give your website your own “personal touch”. Perhaps you could have some cheap leaflets made up with your website address on and pay the local paperboy to deliver them for you!

4) One of the most popular ways of advertising when selling your house yourself is to hold an Open House. Once again, you need to advertise this heavily so people are aware. Potential buyers can feel more at ease when visiting an open house and you may also get a lot more interested/nosey people popping in for a look. Always provide refreshments and an information pack. Your information pack should include details of interest. Perhaps details of local schools, restaurants, gyms, parks and transport systems. Always ensure you provide your contact details within your information pack!

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