Sell Your House During The Summer While The Market Is At Its Peak

If you are contemplating when to Buy my house for cash, just remember, the sooner you the better. Summer is usually the peak of real estate season in which, for most local markets, will be in favor of sellers more than the coming months of autumn and winter. Here are some distinct advantages to putting your home on the market now rather than waiting for the fall season.

Showcase the outside of your Home

It is always easiest to showcase the home during the summertime. When your flowers are in bloom, the grass is green and perfectly cut, and all the trees have their leaves it is easy for the buyer to picture themselves using the outside area for parties and family get-togethers. Also the ‘for sale’ signs will get more visibility when it is bright and sunny outside.

When heading into the cooler months, it is especially important to keep the outside of your home looking neat since it is harder for home buyers to imagine a fun outdoor space. Since the yard is becoming brown from dying grass, you may need to plant some festive annuals to keep the yard looking cheerful. You must make sure that the yard is also kept clean with frequent raking if the lot includes mature trees. Beware of storms and keep watch over branches and other debris cluttering your yard and roof during fall months. Consider placing an outdoor mat so visitors do not track mud into your home. As you can see, the outdoor space in fall requires considerable more work to showcase than during the summer season.

Fix Things Before The Weather Changes

As the owner that might be a lot of little repairs you have just gotten use to that you should fix before trying to sell. If you sell during the summer you will have more daylight hours to make the needed repairs to your home. Fix missing shingles. Repaint your porch. Clear out the gutters and fix leaking faucets. Things like this which you barely notice when living in the house can be big glaring problems for some home buyers. Have a good friend, real estate agent, or a fresh eye look at your house and point out any repairs that you might need to make. After the weather gets cooler it will make it harder, if not impossible in some cases, to fix what needs to be fixed on your house.

An Extended Favorable Time on the Market

During the summer months, the market is still most favorable towards sellers so you can offer a higher asking price and still garner interested buyers. During that time, you will also be able to properly judge what interested buyers are looking for and make small changes as necessary to make your home more appealing. Thus, when fall rolls around and the market starts to transition into one that is more favorable towards buyers, you will have the advantage of knowing key pieces of information to market your house correctly, even in a buyer’s market.

In Summary

If you make your house ready for the market during summer, you will increase your chances of selling your house fast. To be sure, do not rush the whole job and put a shabby, unclean house to market. However, summer is the best time to make such repairs before the work becomes stalled due to rainy or snowy spells and you have less time to devote to the whole selling process because of Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

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