Divorced, Need to Move on? Selling Your House Privately For Top Dollar

Have you thought about Sell my house for cash privately but have been too scared? Don’t despair, its a lot easier than you think and you will save thousands of dollars in realtor fees. The secret is to follow a proven sales plan, one that has worked for thousands of others in the same situation as you.

The best part is you don’t have to reduce your price to achieve a fast sale.

Pricing: Successfully selling your house privately in a depressed real estate market is not about dropping the price. Don’t fall into this trap you can still get the best market value with a quick sale. Note; reducing the price will probably do more harm than good. Numerous real estate agents use this method to make you think they can get a quick sale. Remember they only need to sell one house a week and they don’t care which one or what price it sells for, where as you have to sell your house and for the best possible amount.

To be successful you need to ensure your house STANDS OUT from the competition, this will help generate maximum exposure. Then keep prospects focused on your home whilst getting them to disqualify other properties in your area.

Advertising: One of the biggest traps people fall into, especially those of you who are selling your house privately is; Advertising the same way as everyone else (realtors). According to USA Today there are over 7 million houses for sale – it’s important to do things differently to ensure your house stands out from the crowd. Isn’t it time to stop wasting your money on advertisements and methods that have not got your realtor results. Remember, nothing will change unless you change to way you do it.

Internet marketing is great but not the only or best form of advertising for your home, it can also be expensive if you are not careful. One specifically worded ad in the local, even national newspaper will get your phone ringing. Support this with a free internet advertisement on one of the numerous real estate sites and the positive results will surprise you. The secret is in how you word your ads. With a little bit of research and practice you can write an ad that can stimulate CURIOSITY about your property, and compel a buyer to instantly respond to you by email or phone, even if you have never written an ad before.

Even if you are completely ignorant about real estate, male or female, young or old, selling your house privately for top dollar is not difficult. You will need to do some homework to find the right advice and/or publication that can assist you, but the time invested will get you results and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

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